Evernote Portable綠色免安裝電腦版下載,電腦手機同步記事本軟體,取代Google 筆記本軟體

本站提供的檔案皆為加密的「RAR檔」,安裝前請確認手機或電腦內是否有安裝解壓縮軟體,若沒有的話,請務必先安裝 RAR 軟體 or APP,而下載之RAR檔案統一解壓縮密碼為「mahooq」,謝謝!!

Evernote Portable 綠色免安裝電腦版下載,電腦手機同步記事本軟體,取代Google 筆記本軟體

Evernote Portable《免安裝綠色版下載》:Evernote 是一套免費且好用的筆記本、記事本軟體,透過 Evernote 可以將電腦及手機進行同步化處理,讓你所記錄的事情或行程安排規劃都可以同步至電腦或手機內,是相當方便的一套雲端記事本軟體,另外,Evernote 也可用來錄影、錄音,錄製後的檔案也是可以進行同步處理,對於記不住的事情或音訊內容,就很好用喔,推薦下載來使用看看喔。

EverNote Portable is an all-in-one notes organizer that enables you to keep track of notes, To-Do items, memos, sketches, website snippets, idean and other things and automatically synchronize them between multiple computers and mobile devices (iPhone, Android etc.). You can choose to sort your notes into categories, password protect them, export them to XML and more. EverNote supports several notes templates which allow you to add To-Do lists, Excel-like spread sheets for expenses (that automatically calculate a total), phone notes, contact information and shopping lists as well as handwritten notes.

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【軟體名稱】:Evernote Portable 免安裝
【檔案大小】:79.4 MB






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