Wise JetSearch Portable 免安裝中文版下載 2.01,快速搜尋電腦內的檔案文件資料夾,取代Windows內建搜尋

本站提供的檔案皆為加密的「RAR檔」,安裝前請確認手機或電腦內是否有安裝解壓縮軟體,若沒有的話,請務必先安裝 RAR 軟體 or APP,而下載之RAR檔案統一解壓縮密碼為「mahooq」,謝謝!!

Wise JetSearch Portable 免安裝中文版,快速搜尋電腦內的檔案文件資料夾,取代Windows內建搜尋

Wise JetSearch Portable《免安裝版推薦下載》:Wise JetSearch Portable 是一套好用的電腦檔案、資料夾快速搜尋軟體,Wise JetSearch 可以協助使用者解決內建 Windows 搜尋太慢的問題,只要輸入關鍵字就可以在數秒內找到您想要的檔案或是資料夾,真的是相當方便的檔案搜尋軟體。

Wise JetSearch Portable can help you search files or folders on all your local drives in just a few seconds. Input your keywords, select the drive and then start to search. After searching, Wise JetSearch will show you the searching results such as file/folder name, path, size and last modified date. Also, a right click can provide you with a direct and convenient way to deal with the file/folder you found out. What's more, Wise JetSearch only takes up few system resources.

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【軟體名稱】:Wise JetSearch Portable 免安裝
【檔案大小】:1.41 MB






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