uTorrent Portable 免安裝綠色版下載,好用的BT下載軟體,支援高速下載


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uTorrent Portable 免安裝中文版,好用的BT下載軟體,支援高速下載

uTorrent Portable 《免安裝綠色版推薦下載》 :uTorrent 是一套好用且精簡的 BT 下載軟體,uTorrent Portable 下載時消耗系統資源少,不會佔用太多記憶體而影響到您正常的系統作業,另外,比起Bitcomet, uTorrent Portable擁有更簡便的操作畫面以及去除廣告的煩惱,讓使用者在下載時不會感到不適或眼花撩亂,在此推薦您使用看看。

 µTorrent作者在2005年時寫道:「我通常會讀『you torrent』,因為µ看起來像u。」他並提供「microtorrent」和「mytorrent」作為候選讀音。符號µ,其實是希臘字母Mu的小寫, 代表國際單位制「微」,意思是一百萬分之一(10-6),也代表µTorrent執行檔相當小。

uTorrent Portable is an easy to use, yet feature packed BitTorrent client, that enables you to download and manage .torrent files from the web. It features global and per-torrent speed limiting, simultaneous downloads, RSS auto-downloading, built-in scheduler, support for Mainline DHT and more. The interface organizes downloads by their status and a tabbed detail pane allows you to monitor download speeds, peers and other details of the active download(s). uTorrent bundles a ton of advanced features into a compact and clean interface that does not require much technical expertise to master. It can be associated with .torrent files and automatically take over whenever you open a torrent. Other features include skin support, file management, proxy support, UPnP port mapping and more. Standalone, no install required.

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【軟體名稱】:uTorrent Portable 免安裝綠色版
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