Kutsuki Puzzle PIKO APK / APP 下載 (くっつきパズル ピコ) 1.02.1200.r38569.b158 [Android]

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Kutsuki Puzzle PIKO APK for Android
Kutsuki Puzzle PIKO APK

Kutsuki Puzzle PIKO APK 《Android APP 推薦下載》:Kutsuki Puzzle PIKO APP (日版 くっつきパズル ピコ) 是一款熱門、好玩的手機益智遊戲,這款手遊採寶石消除的玩法,玩家可以在遊戲中體驗不同的3D圖像,而除了一百多道關卡之外,另外還有支援最多五人的協力作戰,讓聊天也可以成為遊戲的樂趣之一喔。


The World of Fooditopia is in peril! Powerful invaders are threatening to overtake the once deliciously pristine lands.
Embark on a fun-filled journey across wonderfully crafted Areas to rescue your trapped friends. Start your incredible quest to liberate the lands and return them to the yummylicious former state.

• Join 4 or more of the same colored ice blocks to clear them and unleash your trapped heroes.
• The more ice blocks you join, the more attack and score you'll get!
• Collect over 100 Food Heroes and Candy Monsters to strengthen your formation.
• Each character has a different skill. Use the one that matches your play style!
• Mix and match the characters to get through different stages.
• Use over 50 of amazing items to spice up your game!
• Reach Fever Time to get a continuous supply of extra fun items

• Play in real time together with your friends (support up to 5 players)
• Even more rewards and bonuses

• Groundbreaking Lunch Box system to organize your rosters.
• Decorate the Lunch Box to boost your stats.
• 5 Elements system to gain advantage over the enemies.
• Every stage has a unique design and guarded by fun and challenging enemies.
• 4 progressive difficulty levels of each stage every time time you clear the objectives. More reasons to come back and get better results!
• Explore various themes of different Areas with new and more interesting obstacles as you progress forward.
• Plenty of rewards at every turn, look out for every opportunity!
• Amazingly detailed visuals and hyper-sensory experience anywhere you see in the game.
• Use Facebook Connect and be included in the Friends Ranking and World Ranking. Reach top positions and win fabulous rewards!
• Easily sync the game between devices and unlock the full game features when connected to the internet

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【軟體名稱】:Kutsuki Puzzle PIKO APK
【適用系統】:Android 安卓
【軟體性質】:免費軟體 (Freeware)
【軟體語言】:日文版 / 英文版
【檔案大小】:69.88 MB
【商店介紹】:Google Play
【檔案下載】:APK 下載點 1APK 下載點 2





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