Shop Heroes APK / APP 下載 1.0.58507 [Android/iOS],好玩的手機模擬經營遊戲

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Shop Heroes APK for Android
Shop Heroes APK

Shop Heroes APK 《Android APP 推薦下載》:Shop Heroes APP 是一款好玩的手機模擬經營遊戲,在這款遊戲中玩家必須雇用工匠製造商品來賣給冒險者來賺錢,或是派出冒險者去地下城探險並取回稀有材料,而不同的工匠技能可以製作出不同的商品,有興趣或是還沒有玩過的人可以下載來玩玩看喔。


Become the ultimate shopkeeper by managing the best fantasy item shop across the Kingdom of Aragonia! Hire and train unique workers, craft hundreds of legendary items, gear up your heroes for battle, trade with your friends and work together to reach the top!

The #1 spot in the rankings is always contested! Do you have what it takes to be at the top of the rankings?

CUSTOMIZE your dream item shop and shopkeeper avatar
MANAGE skilled workers to help you build a prosperous shop empire
CRAFT hundreds of original items to sell to visiting customers
COLLECT dozens of rare blueprints and master them all
FUSE ordinary items together to construct extraordinary equipment
EQUIP your heroes with epic gear to prepare them for battle
UNLOCK strategic hero powers to conquer challenging quests
RAID treacherous dungeons with your city to earn exclusive loot
TRADE legendary items and resources with your friends
TEAM up and invest with others to build the ultimate metropolis
ENJOY regular events and updates with new content and improvements

標籤:Shop Heroes APK 下載, Android APP

【軟體名稱】:Shop Heroes APK
【適用系統】:Android 安卓 / 蘋果 iOS
【軟體性質】:免費軟體 (Freeware)
【軟體語言】:繁體中文版 / 英文版
【檔案大小】:76.36 MB
【商店介紹】:Google Play
【商店介紹】:iOS (iTunes):iPad、iPhone
【檔案下載】:APK 下載點 1APK 下載點 2




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